“Filarmonica Imolese Bicentenary”

In 2022 Banda Musicale Città di Imola will celebrate its bicentenary, in order to increase its musical heritage, promote research and study of the repertoire for wind orchestra benishes its first International Composition competition for Band with theme:

Filarmonica Imolese Bicentenary

The competition is divided in two categories:

1st category:
Composition of an original work on a free theme for Wind Orchestra, duration no longer than 10 minutes (degree of difficulty no more than 4.5)

2nd category:
Original composition of a march of any kind (symphonic, heroic, funeral, military, religious, etc.) (degree of difficulty 3 to 4)

Competition Rules

To partecipate, composers must send to the competition secretary an email containing:

  1. copy of composition, in full score (PDF format), in a strictly anonymous form with no identification marks. Score must clearly and legibly indicate the title and duration of the piece. Welcome although not mandatory to send an MP3 file.
  2. PDF file named with composition’s title must contain:
    1. registration form, attached to present notice, duly completed in every part, dated and signed at the bottom;
    2. two pictures of the composer;
    3. copy of the valid identification document;
    4. curriculum vitae.

E-mail must be send to:
E-mail must nor exceed 20 MB.
E-mail must be send within and no later than December the 31st, 2021.

Musical staff to be considered for composition

Piccolo, Flute 1°-2°, Oboe 1°-2°,Piccolo Clarinet in Eflat, Clarinet in Bflat 1°-2° e 3°, Bass Clarinet in Bflat, Alto Sax in Eflat 1°-2°, Tenor Sax in Bflat 1°-2°, Baritone Sax in Eflat, Trumpets in Bflat 1°-2° (3rd part optional), Trombones 1°- 2°-3°, Horns in F 1°-2°-3°- 4°, Cornets in Bflat 1°-2° (3rd part opzional) or Soprano Flugelhorn soprano in Bflat 1°-2°, Euphonium 1°-2°, Tuba 1°-2°, DoubleBass, Eardrums, Percussion (drum, bass drum, cymbals, other accessories including keyboards for a total of 5 players).

Specific rules



The application to participate in the competition implies the unconditional acceptance by the competitor of this notice, as well as the consent to the use of personal data in accordance with present law.
In the event of a dispute, the legally valid text is this Notice-Regulation in Italian, the competent authority will be the Court of BOLOGNA.

Artistic Director
Gian Paolo Luppi

Competition Secretatiat
Franco Camaggi
Giuseppe Buscaroli

Competition Secretatiat
Associazione Banda Musicale Città di Imola
Via Fratelli Bandiera, 19 40026 IMOLA (Bologna) ITALIA
e-mail: presidenza@bandamusicaleimola.it
pec: presidenza@pec.bandamusicaleimola.it

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